In the digital age, photography plays an even more influential role in the aesthetics, branding and marketing of a niche. Photography is a pipe dream for many creatives who believe they just don’t have the natural talent for it to become a career, but photography has more editing work than it may seem at first. We had a conversation with editorial, but mostly street style, photographer Melodie Jeng, who has photographed Karlie Kloss, and shot for Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Wall Street Journal and more (including the fashion forward people on the streets of NYC!) Her talent is evident in the the passion behind her work.

How would you describe your photography?
Right now it’s a lot of street style or street fashion. Photographs documenting the outfits and styles seen outside the fashion weeks. I like to take a portraiture approach to my work. A lot of my more known photographs are of models made through the relationships I have with my subjects.

What makes you drawn towards street photography?
That it’s an everyday photograph you can relate too. It’s something you can do anytime, any day. There is no set schedule. I also like the “realness” and the spontaneity and humor street photography can bring.

What equipment do you usually use on shoots?
I have a Canon 1DX and often shoot with a 85mm lens. The 85mm is great for portraits. The 1DX great and fast for fashion week but most other cameras are fine as well. I try to use as much natural light as possible. 

Is there a certain feeling you like to convey in your photography?
During fashion week, I like to have a little fun with my photographs. I don’t mind a girl laughing or smiling. Sometimes street style or fashion can be so serious. There’s no need for that all the time. I’d like the reader to be able to connect with the subject or realize something new about the person or how they are dressed. 


What has been your most profound/favourite experience in this industry?
I recently photographed the campaign for New York Fashion Week Men’s Fall 16 and the images are around New York City on banners and bus stops and that is very exciting. I hope to shoot more campaigns and it’s a great feeling to see an image of yours on the street. 

How did you go about turning photography into a career? Was it difficult at times?
I studied photography which helped but is not necessary to become 
a photographer. Most of my jobs have come from internships I had in colleges and various relationships and connections I made through time. I am very fortunate I was able to study photography in college and that I live in New York City. Living in New York really helps. It was/is definitely difficult at times. You often have to work very hard for not much money but when you really love something, it doesn’t matter. You have to be self-motivated and you will make mistakes and learn from them. I still have a lot to learn and a lot of mistakes to make!


Any advice for getting jobs within the photography industry?

Always do the best job you can and be professional. You never know what can come from a job. Communicate well and be nice!

tumblr_nxmqvgGyRk1qki8a1o10_500Where do you intend to take your career? Do you want to stay focused o
n photography, or would you like to explore other avenues?

I like photography but I could also creative direct, cast, or produce. We will see. Photography itself is changing. Many photographers direct videos or create other types of imagery. In terms of my work, I hope to work with more people, better my work, and shoot more editorials and campaigns.

Follow Melodie Jeng to see more of her beautiful art!
Website:        Instagram: @melodieJeng     Facebook: MelodieJengPhoto


  1. This was great! i really like to read about photographers, what equipment they are using etc and try to learn from them. As mentioned there’s always more to learn and photography as a career is challenging and you need to be passionate about it.


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