London’s culture is historic of grand architecture and art museums that are slowly being destroyed and replaced by newer glass buildings. London’s art however, lives on in the multicultural fashion of the people who live there or commute regularly to the capital city.

For a perfect morning or afternoon, bustling nights in a pub in Soho, the casual, laidback style that can be seen throughout the city is a reflection of London’s nightlife.  The London style is a little more complex than that of the Parisian style as it is segregated by London’s class system. Different districts dress differently and the diversity of the cosmopolitan city also means that there is much adversity to the style of dress. This may include the posh style of the upper-class, the subculture of the 70s punk rock style, and the Urban style. The history of London also gives way to other subculture like that of the Hippie Movement in the 60s amongst others. It’s important to remember that with such an eclectic, kooky city, individuality is important when defining your style.

The style can also be segregated by the age demographics of the city and we’ve broken it all down for you.


Much like the Parisian style of classic cut coats in neutral shades, this item is also a staple in London.The weather in London can go from happy to gloomy within minutes, so practically everyone carries around a coat so that they aren’t completely drenched by the time they leave the tube station. Classic cut coats are preferred because they are clean cut and simple and can be found at high street stores like Zara and Asos.


That cold weather usually calls for jumpers and smart casual wear for going to your 9-5 or any other work related events. What works better with these items then a decent pair of jeans? The boyfriend cut or skinny jeans really enhance any figure and look smart too! Mom jeans is an alternative for nights/days off, and plus they keep your legs from freezing into the coldness of the River Thames.


A comfortable, warm, and laidback style – unless you’re working in a certain district of London which requires a strict dress code, you’ll usually see people wearing jumpers and layering it over and under other items like scarves and coats.


A classic staple item that goes with practically every outfit. Durable ankle boots can be found on e-commerce websites or stores Acne Studios or Vagabond. Similar alternatives can be found on the high street. You can find affordable, beautiful silver ones on Asos to add a certain level of flair to your outfit.


The Cambridge satchel in particular is incredibly popular in not only London but England in general. Bags are investment pieces and so you’ll probably see people spending more money on a bag than on other essentials. Those going to work usually dress in more smart casual clothing, so to fit paperwork, umbrellas, electronics, a bigger bag is usually favoured over a smaller one.


Who doesn’t love a good leather jacket? It can be paired with pretty much anything to make an individual look like they spent longer getting ready then they did. A favourite and essential piece for many British celebrities as well as the general population.


Being a British brand, it’s no surprise that Doc Martens are so popular in London to this day. A favourite of housewives when the shoes came out, they were designed by two doctors for durability and comfort. The younger demographic are usually seen wearong Doc Martens.


They’re simple and great for layering. To be tucked into shorts or jeans, wearing bands tees or slogan tees add a bit of edge and are also great for conversation starters. It shows a little of your personality and what you are into.


Another shoe piece favoured by younger people, students mostly, they’re comfy but still stylish. Also, converse still look good (if not better) when scruffy, dirty, and worn in. It is a win-win situation really.

Whether you’re a Nike or Adidas fan, you’ll find both labels being worn by both genders when walking through the streets of London. Just like with converses, they are comfy and stylish.



Wearing floral pants with a white top or mixing geometric shapes works really well. Have a play around with colours and textures, it’s what being in such a diverse city is all about.


It’s all about pairing that jumper with a cardigan and a coat and a scarf, because well, London can get chilly, as mentioned. No really, really chilly. The weather can go from sunny side up to drenching you with rain in minutes so it is always safe to be layering up, especially in the cooler months when a spot of sunshine can be then followed by a downpour. Not only that, but it is a style statement to pair similar coloured items on top of one another. Try doing this with around three colours: two similar colours (like black and grey) and one pop of colour (like a red tartan scarf.)


There’s no easy way to define Lond0n’s style because it is so eclectic. Every person has their own style and they own it. Whether that involves wearing head to toe pink, wearing all black or wearing fishnet stockings with a halter top – it is probably one of the few cities in the world you can really just get away with wearing whatever you want with nobody even thinking, or blinking, twice. This is probably the single most important lesson to learn. In London, there is no pressure to fit with the “norm” because there is none. You will be accepted for practically whatever you wear.

BRITISH STYLE ICONS: Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Marianne Faithfull

PHOTO CREDIT: @nylon_threads and @PhoenixLauren





  1. JEAN, JACKETS AND HEELS, i see them as so LONDONISH if there is a word like that, nice outfits there and LONDON style has always been classic to me as the dressing goes with alot of class and quality.

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