This month’s Interstellar artist is a duo known as The Rhythm Method. Like any typical duo, one is the singer/lyricist Joey, more boisterous and bombastic, while the other, Rowan, produces the music, a much quieter and distant role.

Having performed as support acts for the band Spector, the band produces 80s British sitcom music. Citing the influence of British television shows like Minder starring Dennis Waterman and George Cole, in which the theme song is sung by Waterman. Or perhaps the influence of one of Britain’s greatest comedy Only Fools and Horses, Sullivan’s lyrics in the closing credits being “we’ve got some half price / cracked ices / and miles and miles of carpet tiles / TV’s / deep freeze / and david Bowie LP’s” is echoed in the song Local, Girl with the lyrics  “cellar / Posh and Becks / selfies / pictures / s-e-x.” It is these influences, so clear in the lyrics which are “snippets of dialogue” from film and television, which creates songs that would be found in the 80s nightlife, for example at a house party, as shown in the music video for “Party Politics.”

It is a replica of the traditional British theme songs, so aesthetic and embedded in British culture through constant reruns on Gold that makes the band stand out for being different to the music that’s currently on the radio, especially with the effortless singing style.

They emulate this culture in dance tracks that are subtle and yet, touching and nostalgic. Samples nicked off Youtube, the band emulates the sounds of musicians like Madness or Jona Lewie. With three tracks on youtube, the songs play off one another with a toneless, but not emotionless, spoken-word singing style. It’s this effortless style that really gives the music a unique style in a modern age.


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