The grassroots of traditional rock n’ roll in a modernist society are the icons Mick Jagger or John Lennon that were around during the 1950s in Western society. Similar to the Beats culture and the Hippie movement, rock n’ roll style was influenced by the leading men in some of Britain’s most popular bands who knew not only how to produce a notorious guitar riff to become known by everyone, but also knew how to dress like the rock stars they were. This style is popular amongst millennials because of how street style and effortless it looks.


This style usually incorporated aspects of Urban style too, like the jean jacket. Worn by The Beatles, a jean jacket can be incorporated into other styles like with a long floral dress or a band t-shirt, the look is street style essential/basic. This lends itself to the trend of double denim, which is both a scary thought for some and exhilarating for others. When this archaic trend is styled well, it looks killer. When pairing double denim, it is important to have a different textured or style of clothing to even out the harshness of having so much denim going on.


A summer to autumn transition style that has become hugely popular recently is slip dresses with t-shirts and it is one of the cheaper trends because pretty much every high street store has this style now in and if not, then it is cheap enough to buy a simple band tee and slip dress to pair it with. The photograph below is the perfect example of a grunge/urban style featuring a slip dress and t-shirt that is paired perfectly.


The next item is one that is so crucial to the rock n’ roll style because of how much of a staple item it is in any wardrobe, a leather jacket. These are typically investment pieces, but similar and cheaper alternatives can be found at charity shops or the high street. Having the ability to make any outfit look dressy and also emulating the cool rock n’ roll vibe.

If you want to personalise your jean or leather jackets, patches are an awesome way to show what you love by either buying the ironing on ones or stitching them yourself. There are plenty of independent artists as well online sellers that sell them at cheap prices. It’ll make your style unique.


The best part of the Urban/rock n’ roll is that you can get away with wearing Doc Martens with pretty much any outfit and they are so comfy that it really is a blessing.

For an accessory piece, chokers are still trendy no matter what Alexa Chung says. They’re loved by many hipster people, but can also be worn by everyone else who doesn’t care about trends or subcultures. Chokers are different and stand out more than any other jewellery and also has the added element of having you look put together, even when you’re not.

Photo Credit: The incredible @phoenixlauren on Instagram!



  1. Fun look down memory lane for me! There are so many more tats and piercings and colored hair around these days than back then… which does change the look somewhat.


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